Professional programs

Fragrance consulting and trainings specifically designed for the industry.

Techniques and language of perfumery

A step further to our Discovery Day program to deepened one’s knowledge on fragrance structures, raw materials including the differences between natural and synthetic, techniques of memorization and professional language for fragrance description.

Fragrance sales program

In this program you are exposed to the emotional dimension of fragrances, mastering the link between analytical description and emotional perception; the fundamentals of selling and the 3 emotional states and last but not least the connections between perfume and personality.

Fragrance development program

This program encompasses brand & concept understanding, definition of the fragrance strategy, briefing to perfumers or fragrance houses and the global evaluation process.

Advanced Olfactive Class

For anyone with an intermediate level in perfumery course willing to enter the Fragrance industry or make a career move. This program will deepen your olfactive skills and develop your perfume culture. More…

Fragrance consulting

NWK helps companies and brands in perfumery & cosmetics willing to expand in new territory, revamp their perfume portfolio or launch a new product/range.