Are you looking at boosting your sales or motivate your troop ? We can help !

Team Building

Get your team together for a fun day spent smelling and creating a fragrance and get the award of the best fragrance. More …

Smell & Taste

A review with the nose of the odours and flavours of chocolate, tea, spices, and wine followed by a tasting session where participants re-discover “retro-olfactively” the olfactory and gustatory characteristics of the products. More …

Test your “Nose”

Challenge yourself and challenge your “Nose”! Through a serie of universal tests we measure your olfactive capabilities. As we then share the results, we share some insights and open doors to the perfume world.

Product launch animations

We can help you make the difference and boost your sales on the D day of your launch using our animations. Below a few ideas…

puceFragrance creation workshop: Educate your customers about your product and the art of perfume creation.
puceFragrance workshops for kids: Free the loving mother and get 100% of their attention by installing a workshop space just for kids and educate your future customers from the early age !
pucePerfume bottle customization: Engrave a special message on the perfume bottle your customers purchase.
puceTailor-made “scented” presentations: Create a multi-sensorial experience for your customers and highlight your products

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A CENTURY OF PERFUME: A presentation about the history of perfume since the beginning of the 19th century till today. Decades after decades you travel through the evolution of perfume and olfactive trends and smell fragrances (masculine and feminine) that have impacted the history.