Discovery Day

Combines “The perfumer’s palette” and “The fragrance creation workshop”

Duration: One day or 2 half days program

The perfumers’ palette

An introductory session to measure your olfactory abilities and acquire methods for memorizing scents


puce Test your sense of smell
puce Discover the perfumer’s universe


puce Olfaction and emotions
puce Chinese portrait of an odour
puce Review of the perfumer’s palette
puce Introduction to natural and synthetic raw materials – Structure of a fragrance

Acquired knowledge

puce Knowledge of one’s olfactory capacities
puce Understanding the vocabulary used by the perfumer – Learning methods to develop the sense of smell

The fragrance creation workshop

A workshop that will take you to the enchanted universe of perfumes.


puce Learn the basics of perfume creation
puce Understand the importance of olfactory tenacity and intensity
puce Create a unique fragrance


puce Explanation of perfume composition, from raw materials to creation
puce Application of notions of top – middle – bottom notes
puce Presentation of the olfactory facets in a perfume
puce Composing a perfume formula using facets
puce Make a composition
puce Evaluate your creation

Acquired knowledge

puce Understanding the olfactory pyramid
puce Identify different facets of a fragrance
puce Introduction to the art of creation